Eeko Couriers Services

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eeko Couriers offers multiple delivery service options throughout the entire Lower Mainland.

Utilizing our hybrid fleet of vehicles and freight trucks we are able to deliver a broad range of products. Whether it's a confidential envelope, an architectural drawing or a 2000 pound skid of goods, eeko Couriers will deliver and exceed expectations while meeting deadlines.

eeko Couriers’ user friendly online ordering and tracking system allows for 24/7 order entry and real-time delivery status updates.

  Bicycle Messenger

  • 15 Min Bike
  • 30 Min Bike
  • 1 Hour Bike        
  • 2 Hour Bike
  • 4 Hour Bike

Vehicle Fleet

  • Direct Car (within 60 minutes)
  • 90 Minute Car
  • 3 Hour Car
  • Same Day Car
  • Overnight Car

Freight Fleet

  • Same Day Freight           
  • 3 Hour Freight
  • Direct Freight

Custom Logistics / 'Milk Run’

  • Let us learn about your local logistics procedures and we can design /cater specialized services and routing to help increase efficiency, productivity and your bottom line.


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