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EEKO is a company that dedicates itself to two things: Providing our clients with exceptional value and service, and doing so with innovation and unparalleled environmental savvyness. By combining new technology and eco-mindful business strategies, our goal is to extend long-term value to our clients by continually advancing their green credentials alongside our own practices.

As an environmentally conscious service provider, eeko Couriers strives to adopt and implement the most efficient and eco-friendly business solutions. Our mandate is to ensure our business operations measure our own environmental impact on the community through the Climate Smart program. This process is vital in achieving the triple bottom line goals (People, Profit, Planet).

Hybrid Cars & Freight Trucks:
Commitment to utilizing efficient vehicles and reducing our clients CO2 emissions by over 50% on every delivery.

Paperless Digital Waybill Technology:
Online order entry, history, tracking, electronic signatures and invoicing.

Sustainability Community Programs:
Climate Smart Alumni, BBOT - Sustainability Committee.

eeko [eek-oh] a business mentality that combines practicality with progressive environmental ethics and an innate sense of social responsibility.  For many, it is a revolution. For others, it is simply a reflection of good business practices.